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The Star of the Show Has Arrived!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

This release has been a long time coming. A super long time if you are a 10 year old kid, waiting to release your first quilt pattern.

That's right, I said 10 year old.

During Christmas break of 2018, we were visiting family and I was sitting down to design my latest pattern, Land of the Free. My daughter Mackenzie, who was nine at the time, sat down next to me and asked if she could draw up some designs too. I gave her some papers and we began talking about how I come up with and draw out my design ideas.

In about an hour, Mackenzie had about 4 different quilt ideas. I looked at them all and we decided she should refine and try out one of them. We went to the store and started picking out some fat quarters to use, in turquoise and aqua - her favorites, of course.

*The first sketch of The Star of the Show*

Then we went home. Life happened and I got busy. I pushed off helping this quilt come to reality.

Fast forward to Christmas break of 2019. We were again, off to visit family and I made a point to not pack anything of my own and to focus on helping Mackenzie carryout this pattern. I made a rough draft of the pattern and figure out material requirements, made sure we had all we needed and Mackenzie got to work.

I still am leery on kids using rotary cutters (heck, as an adult I've cut myself enough times that I should be leery using one!) So, I got all the cutting done, and Mackenzie did the sewing.

This pattern uses the tube method to create the bias stripe blocks. I explained to Mackenzie how to do the tube sewing and she caught on quickly. The stripe blocks were done in day!

Next up, the star of the show - the star block. We decided that it would be best to "fancy up" the star to make it more of the focal point she intended, so we did what we like to call the two-toned star. Now, I'm sure it has an actual quilting name, like quarter half square triangle or something, but in our house, it's the two-toned star.

Making this she got to learn what scant sewing was, making multiple half square triangles at once and Mackenzie's design also allows for some wiggle room with trimming so points don't accidentally get chopped off when piecing the quilt top. Great things for beginners (and kids) to learn!

*Now I must note, Mackenzie is anything but a beginner. This girl of mine has been sewing since she was 6. She's had her own machine since then and has made many great creations. But this was her first design attempt and completing more than a solid square-pieced quilt.*

Mackenzie was able to finish this quilt top in about three days. I love seeing her face light up every time she looks at it and how excited she gets to show it off to anyone who comes by our home!

Now, here's some info about the pattern.

  • It is beginner and kid friendly. Mackenzie wanted something that anyone could do, but it is also a great pattern for the seasoned quilter because -

  • It is a scrap buster quilt. What quilter doesn't love a scrappy quilt, one that can help clear out and use up those scraps we all hoard away:)

  • There is a lot a room for error, on purpose. Not exactly the best at keeping those 1/4" seams perfect? No problem, blocks get trimmed to help make up for any errors.

  • The pattern comes in two different sizes, and you could always add more blocks, if wanted, to make more sizes.

  • Fabric requirements include Fat Quarters, Jelly Rolls or Scraps - so many options to make this quilt your own!

I am so excited that this pattern is ready to be released to all of you, and I can't wait to see what you all make!

Now, I need your help.

Since I didn't come up with this idea, I told my daughter all proceeds will come straight to her. I don't think I've seen a 10 year old smile bigger:) I asked her to set a goal and I'd help her accomplish that goal.

Her goal is 50 patterns. I want to take that one step forward and sell 50 patterns before she turns 11 on February 6th! Can you help me? Help me spread the word far and wide and help me show Mackenzie how awesome this quilting community is and support the great talent of the next generation of quilters!

You can find this pattern on my website or in my Etsy shop.


Quilty Info:

All solids used were Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics // 9900 98 - White

Backing: Minky Donuts from Joann Fabric

Quilt Labels : Border City Quilts

Quilting : Ashley's Echo Star, quilted by Kelli (Me) of Simply MackBeth Design Co.


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