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Friday Freebie No. 5 - Phat Flip Quilt.

Happy Freebie FRIDAY!!

First, lets just clear the air.

Phat: adjective. Slang. great; wonderful; terrific.

Great. Wonderful. Terrific. What more could you ask for in a quilt?

And guess what - it's FREE!

Phat Flip is a fun, fat quarter friendly - REVERSIBLE quilt pattern. Perfect for that fabric you have a hard time cutting into small pieces. Display your fabric prints proudly with big pieces that can showcase the whole bundle!

If you are anything like me, you love getting new fabric, but you have such a hard time cutting into it. I always over think it and wonder "Is this pattern really going to showcase these prints?" or "what if my pattern has small pieces and the design on the print gets lost in the mix?"

Well this pattern was my solution.

Let's dive in deeper to this pattern.

If you just want to skip straight to the pattern - you can!

Get Phat Flip Quilt Here

Phat Flip PDF
Download PDF • 1.97MB

If you want a little more explanation, tips and tricks (great for beginners) - you can keep scrolling!

First of all, Phat Flip is REVERSIBLE. You make this the same on the front and back and are able to use a full collection Fat Quarter Bundle - for EVERYTHING - quilt "top", quilt "backing, + binding. How great is that?!

Don't want a reversible quilt or don't have as many Fat Quarters to use? No problem. I have requirements to make a traditional version as well.

This is a long throw that measures 47in x 76in.

I realize this isn't a typical size for a quilt, but in sitting through more than my fair share of sporting events this past year, having a quilt that can wrap around a few kids horizontally is a lifesaver!

But if you really don't like that, leave the last row off and shorten it up a bit!

The pattern fabric requirements show options for what I used - a full fat quarter bundle collection, as well as the minimum requirements needed to make a traditional, solid (not pieced) backing.

For this project I used a 28 piece FQ bundle of the Rise and Shine Collection by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society. You only need 26 prints, so I just had more left over pieces.

This is a very beginner friendly pattern. A great starter quilt for someone wanting to learn how to quilt + great practice on matching up seams.

Now for the tips:

Phat Flip PDF
Download PDF • 1.97MB

Tip #1: If you are making the quilt reversible, you have options. When using a whole collection, you could do both side similar and use the variety of the whole collection. Or perhaps you want to do it like I did and break it up into cool/warm colors. Or maybe you want to have a gradient of some sort.

My tip is to play around with layouts. You an make all your cuts, then decide. Have fun and play with your fabric to see which option looks best!

Tip #2: Follow pressing instructions. This quilt is great practice for nesting seams to that your corners meet up. When you sew the rows together, you will want to go slow and make sure those seams nest for best results.

Tip #3: Quilting. This is the tricky part of the quilt. Normally, you have a backing that is larger than the top - this pattern, top and bottom are the exact same size.

If you are quilting your quilt yourself, on a domestic machine - carefully pin baste your whole quilt. Start at one end and pin at each intersection. Quilt slow and you can adjust + check your alignment after each pass through. I chose to mix it up with some wavy lines + some straight lines.

If you want to have this quilt long armed - add some leader fabric to one of the sides and designate that side as your "backing". This will give you a little leeway while quilting.

In either case - don't stress if you get a little off, you can fix this by trimming a little extra on each edge before binding. Yes, this will make your quilt slightly different dimensions than listed in the pattern - but not enough to make a big difference in the quilt look.

Lastly, don't forget to finish up that quilt with a fun quilt tag from Ever Emblem. Choose from so many great options. I am partial to the cotton sew in tags! Use code: SIMPLY10 for 10% off your order!

Tag #simplymackbethquilts and #phatflipquilt to show everyone what fun combos you come up with!


Missed past Friday Freebies? Don't fret, get them below.

Phat Flip PDF
Download PDF • 1.97MB

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