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Thoroughfare Quilt

A modern, block based quilt with a variety of bonus projects made from scrap waste!

Thoroughfare is made up of multiple Stitch and Flip style blocks - they mimic my favorite block, the half square triangle.

Thoroughfare: a road or path forming a route between two places.

Ever wonder how or why people name quilts how they do? Well, to me this pattern kept looking like a road, like a cobble road or something - maybe you see it too? So I began searching terms that could describe what I was seeing - Thoroughfare won out!

This pattern is great because you can make it simple + traditional by having it be a 2-color quilt, or go a little more modern and give it this ombre look. You can find the Thoroughfare Quilt in Make Modern Magazine Issue 51 - on sale now!

A bonus of this pattern is the "waste". If you are like me, you cringe when you have stitch and flip or half square triangle trimmings that are still useable, just not needed for the quilt at hand. Well, there wasn't really a way around the "waste" in this quilt, BUT the good news, is I included information about the trimmings in the pattern so that you can use them for a future project!

You have so many half square triangles to use that the options for projects really are endless! Some of the trimmings produce a fun, funky, modern block that can create a unique look to your project.

From the Thoroughfare Quilt, you can create 192 - 3.5" squares and 240 - 2.5" squares. So many, right? I definitely didn't want to make you waste all of that!

Check out some of the fun looks you can create just by flipping some of the blocks.

What are some of the projects you can make? a baby quilt, a table runner, placemats, a bag, pouches... allllll the things!

Here are a few mock ups of ideas.

Make baby + crib quilts. Fun and Quirky or go more organized and clean.

Spice up your table with some table runners or placemats.

Waste no more! Grab your scraps, lay them out and twist, flip, turn and swap to make your next creation!

Snag a copy of the Thoroughfare Quilt today! Enjoy!


Wanna be Thoroughfare Quilt twins?

Fabric I used for quilt top: Various Kona Cotton Solids

Backing Fabric: Firefly by Sarah Watts for Ruby Star Society (Twilight Ash RS2066 11)

Binding: Speckled Metallic Berry (RS5027 62M)

Make sure to tag #thoroughfarequilt and #simplymackbethpatterns so that I can see all the great versions ya'll make!


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Keep on posting your awesome makes and tag me @simplymackbeth and use the hashtag #simplymackbethpatterns I love seeing your work and sharing it with others!

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