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Friday Freebie - Half Charmed.

It's finally FRIDAY!!

You made it! SO let's celebrate with a brand new Simply Series I have started:

Friday Freebie.

So what is Friday Freebie? On a Friday, I release a new quilt pattern tutorial. A little while back I surveyed people to see if they would rather have a tutorial or a pattern for some quilts I have made in the past (and future). There was a pretty even split, so I decided - why not do a mix of both.

So Friday Freebies are a mix of a tutorial that will be shared on my blog, along with a pdf pattern. So, if you just want to skip straight to the pattern - you can! If you want a little more explanation, tips and tricks (great for beginners) - you can!

Oh, did I mention - it's FREE! The pattern, the tutorial - ALL of it!

So first up in the Friday Freebie line up - Half Charmed.

Half Charmed PDF
Download PDF • 1.84MB