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Joanna Gaines. By now she's a household name - at least in my household.

I have been a fan of hers since Fixer Upper day one. One day, when Joanna was working on restoring what is now, Magnolia Market, she posted a picture that stopped me in my tracks.

This HAS to be a quilt.

So, I made it a quilt!

My friend Elizabeth thought it was great to. So great, she ever so kindly asked me to be the featured designer for the December 2018 Quilters Candy Box.

A few months later, I released Magnolia in my own shop. It has fast become my top selling pattern. It's quick, simple and has a timeless traditional feel.

Whether it's in solids or prints, this pattern has endless options for greatness!

The original pattern was only written for three sizes - baby, throw, and twin.

NOW, I'm happy to say, I have written two more sizes - Queen and King! I have made these bigger sizes and felt I should offer that information to all of you! So, if you have bought the pattern before July 2020, then this is for you, Large Size Quilt Requirement information.

If you plan on picking up Magnolia now, these additional sizes are included. You can grab your copy here or here.

Make sure to tag #magnoliaquilt and #simplymackbethpatterns so that I can see all the great versions ya'll make!


Fun story: In the Summer of 2018, my family and I were moving cross country from Arizona to South Carolina. I had just finished my first Magnolia quilt and wanted to stop in Waco Texas so that I could go find the tile at Magnolia Market.

Even if it was ridiculous to most, I dragged some of my kids and MIL with me and I shoved that quilt in my back and we set off to find the tile. We were in the Market looking around at all the lovely items and I turned and saw someone come out of the bathroom - there it was, in all it's glory - THE TILE!

It embarrassing how excited I got over bathroom tile, I grabbed a kid and said "Hey, you need to use the rest room, right?!"

I went in and unpacked my quilt and took a photo. I'm so glad I did it, ridiculousness and all.

And now you know the story behind the Magnolia Quilt.


Keep on posting your awesome makes and tag me @simplymackbeth and use the hashtag #simplymackbethpatterns I love seeing your work and sharing it with others!

Looking for a fun new project...

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