• Grandma Karen's Quilt is a 12 Block sampler quilt.  Recommended for a confident beginner.  This quilt is written in correlation to a companion book, titled Grandma Karen's Quilt: A Come Follow Me Conversation.  Each block represents a trait/life lesson that Grandma Karen is teaching her grandchildren.


    This book can be the beginning of many conversations within families about life, love, and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Even if family members do not live close by, this book can be a way to connect with a virtual grandma hug. Grandma Karen teaches her grandchildren about twelve life-lesson topics that have helped her navigate life's challenges.

    In this book, Grandma Karen thinks of her grandchildren while wrapped up in her quilt that
    teaches twelve life truths she has learned. Visually represented by each block on her quilt,
    she teaches the children about diligence, agency, integrity, patience, knowledge, love,
    humility, prayer, faith, repentance, covenants, and obedience through her poetic text and

    Fabric requirements are pictured in the image gallery.

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    Grandma Karen's Quilt