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Wanna Join Me?

Quilting subscriptions. I love them. Truth be told, I am a sucker for them. I love the idea of finding new products, designers, tips, tricks and tools that I probably wouldn't have found anywhere else!

One of my favorites was Quilters Candy Box. Each month, getting a sweet quilty-goodness filled box was a highlight for me. I was super sad when Elizabeth decided to move on... but, turns out, I didn't have to be sad for long... and neither do you!

Have ya'll heard?

The Quilters Candy Membership is coming!

Starting September 3rd, Elizabeth will be opening a new membership for quilters!

Registration will open for ONE WEEK only.

(If you are like me and need reminders, you can click here to be notified when registration opens up!)


So, what is the Quilters Candy Membership, you ask?