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Wanna Join Me?

Quilting subscriptions. I love them. Truth be told, I am a sucker for them. I love the idea of finding new products, designers, tips, tricks and tools that I probably wouldn't have found anywhere else!

One of my favorites was Quilters Candy Box. Each month, getting a sweet quilty-goodness filled box was a highlight for me. I was super sad when Elizabeth decided to move on... but, turns out, I didn't have to be sad for long... and neither do you!

Have ya'll heard?

Starting September 3rd, Elizabeth will be opening a new membership for quilters!

Registration will open for ONE WEEK only.

(If you are like me and need reminders, you can click here to be notified when registration opens up!)


So, what is the Quilters Candy Membership, you ask?

Being a working mama like myself, trying to balance work, mom life, wife life, hobby life, and... LIFE, I don't get out much! (Who's with me?!)

This membership offers an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, discover new designers and learn some great new tips and tricks, in the comfort of your home. Simply put, it's quilting with friends! You can join a community of makers who are working on the same projects, invested in your work, and sharing their quilting with you!

You wanna hear the BEST part? It only cost $10 a month! Whaaat?!

Here's what you'll get:

* Exclusive, never before released patterns from some of your favorite pattern designers   * Live Chats and members only discussion groups  * A place to make quilting friends from all around the world.

* Creative quilting digital downloads, like this sweet one:

Sounds great, right? There's more!

* There may just be some prizes for making and posting your project!

* Discounts every month from some of your favorite quilting stores and products.

And, since we all know its fun to meet up in person, Elizabeth plans to host a yearly retreat open only to active Quilters Candy Members! How fun is that?!

Check out the amazing line up for the first four months:

* Patterns are going to be just the right size to complete in a month! * The first month is $10.00 off a Paca Pressing Mat.

What a sweet deal, for only $10 a month!!

But remember, there is only ONE WEEK to sign up for this membership, beginning September 3rd.


Wanna check out how the membership will work and look like? Head on over and join the "X Marks the Spot" Quilt-A-Long.

It's FREE, easy to join, and will let you get a sneak peek of what the membership experience will be like. To get that sneak peek, CLICK HERE.

**Not a quilt-along fan? No worries, by joining this, you do not need to make the quilt, you can just snoop around and get a feel for the membership.**


Need more convincing about how fun this will be?

Starting on September 3rd (registration opening day ;) )

I will send out and email to my subscribers with a special link to sign up for the membership. Not a subscriber, sign up here.

There will be prizes for those who sign up.

*The first 5 people to sign up get a FREE premade quilt binding of their choice PLUS 25% off their entire order from my shop.

*The next 5 people get one free pattern of their choice and 20% off their entire order from my shop.

*The next 5 people get one free mystery fat quarter PLUS 15% off their entire order from my shop.

*After that, anyone who signs up gets 15% off their entire order from my shop.


Quilts pictured in top collage from L to R:

Ivy League by Wren Collective // Snow Globes by Quilters Candy // Wishing Well by Quilters Candy // Church Window by Lo & Behold Stitchery // Rainbow Falls by Wren Collective


NOTE: This will be an affiliate link. I will receive a small commission for each membership.


Check out my shop for new quilt bindings, restocks, bundles and more!

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